Mendoza has a continental semi-arid climate. It has very high temperatures during summer and very low temperatures during winter. Precipitations barely exceed 250 mm annually.
Seasonal weather varies depending on altitude: the west is mainly a mountainous region, the north is a desert, the east is a plain and the south is a volcanic area. In the plain, the climate could be described as continental, mild, and rather dry as most rainfall takes place in the summer. Going up to the mountains, temperature goes down and snowfall occurs. (Most rainfall takes place in May-September).
Each season gives visitors the chance to practice different sports. In winter, snow powder invites them to go skiing, snowboarding or sledding. In summer, mountain rivers are great for rafting, and The Andes – especially the challenging Aconcagua- calls for mountain climbers.
In fall and spring vast vineyards blossom, and calmly wait for harvest time against a background of snow-capped mountains.
Even though it is well-known for its warm temperature and constant sunshine, each season in Mendoza serves to highlight Mendoza’s beauties.
Season Characteristics Average Temperature
Summer 21 December/

21 March

Hot20°C – 40°C occasional rainfall
Fall 21 March/

21 June

Warm and calm, drizzles
Winter  21 June/

21 September

Cold and dry, clear0º- 10ºC occasional Zonda wind
Snowfall in the high mountain area
Spring 21 September/

21 December

Warm and humid

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