Cooperativa El Portal de Mendoza

Cooperativa El Portal de Mendoza

San Lorenzo 156,
Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina
Tel.: 00 54261 4649689

For some years, the MENDOZA CHAMBER OF TOURISM has been noticing the need to carry out actions aimed at promoting and positioning TOURIST MENDOZA. This generally exceeds the different associations’ possibilities, and in particular, those of the CHAMBER. The different activities and possibilities of the Chamber´s state and private partners do not always allow them to use the time and resources necessary to perform major actions.
One of these actions concerns an old project set up by the CHAMBER. This project has been repeatedly presented at the Mendoza tourism area during the last 10 years and entails the development of a web-based communication tool aimed at informing visitors about the province and its many attractions.

Our enquiry remains unanswered and this resource has not been optimized by the Department. Even though the Department has repeatedly stated their intention of turning it into reality, it has failed to measure up to the expectations of businesspersons investing in tourist industry development. They do showcase their activities individually but the high cost of a comprehensive tool involving the whole province exceeds their possibilities.
This is when the idea of forming a Supply, Transformation and Marketing Cooperative was put forward. The Cooperative would comprise CHAMBER´s members and non-members willing to contribute resources and working time to developing a comprehensive WEBSITE that would highlight MENDOZA‘s natural, infrastructure and service advantages. This site would be opened to all service providers wishing to participate.
It was set up by 10 businesspersons, but all those that agreed with the view of turning Mendoza with tourists into TOURIST MENDOZA could join them. In order to make that goal a STATE POLICY, first stage works are coming to an end with the setting up of a WEBSITE that contains the latest tools such as mobile edition, 2.0 technology, Facebook and Twitter accounts, newsletter, digital newspaper and a great amount of information about Mendoza, and supplementary information about the Cuyo Region, Chile, Highway No. 40 and National and Local Parks.

This work has just begun and there is still a lot to do. That is why; let this be an invitation, and the expression of the wish that this 10-businessperson group is joined unrestrictedly by all tourist service providers in Mendoza and its areas of influence.

PRESIDENT: Mrs. Elsa Scafati

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