Viña del Mar

A 5-minute drive on Autopista Costera will take you to Viña del Mar. This ‘garden city’ full of residential areas packed with early 20th villas is one of the largest beach areas in the Southern Pacific region.
You shouldn’t miss the shopping center, the walk along the coast and the tour around the fancy residential area that houses Quinta Vergara Theater – venue for world-famous International Singing Festival –or the visit to the Botanical Garden.
The streets in the center of town are evidence of the golden days of Viña del Mar, early last century. On the other hand, large and modern buildings are located on the waterfront and provide impressive panoramic views for their dwellers.
As a result of its history and elegance, the Viña del Mar Casino, where lovers of games of chance gather to enjoy the comfortable facilities, is one of the most outstanding sites.
Its main tourist attractions include 13 delicious beaches bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of tourists are summoned there to enjoy the sunshine and the sand.
We recommend a visit to the famous Flower Clock, Vergara Pier and to enjoy an amusing ride around the city on a horse-driven carriage.
To get to Reñaca and Concón beaches, you’ll need to take the seaside road that goes along beaches, cliffs and fishing coves where you’ll have the chance to enjoy fish and seafood-based dishes.

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