Grape Harvest Festival

The Vendimia festival is the oldest event of its kind in Argentina. It was born as popular celebration following the early grape harvests. Its origin can be tracked to the period of heavy immigration.
After the harvest and wine production had been completed, workers expressed their gratitude for the bounty of nature in a celebration of dance and song. During those festivities a woman considered most beautiful was chosen and crowned with vine leaves and bunches of grapes. That simple ceremony was the inspiration for the present Vendimia festival, which takes place in Mendoza every year.
It has been held on the first Saturday of March for the past 70 years. The festival begins in January with regional celebrations held throughout the province of Mendoza. At each of these regional events a Queen is chosen to represent her region at the main event in March. The cultural, social and tourism importance of each of these celebrations elevates the Vendimia to a festival of international proportions.
Welcome, then, to the annual harvest that allows us to together drink a toast with the new wine.

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