Roads of wine

Maipú and Luján de Cuyo, wine region called First, are the ideal environment for wine lovers. The wide range proposes an approach to the harvesting and wine making, tasting in the cellars, wine pairing with the most exquisite dishes of regional cuisine and many other activities that make this a unique experience.

a. Regular half-day tours

The diversity of natural settings, wine-making facilities (family-owned wineries, boutique wineries, traditional wineries, and ancient ones), and its closeness to Downtown Mendoza (15-20 km) make it an ideal destination for half-day excursions. Driving along olive oil, fruit trees and vineyard-lined roads, visitors will get to the various wineries that are easily identifiable by their wine-maker style. Some of them are equipped with the latest technology, and others have kept their traditional heritage. However, all of them are proud of producing high quality wine that has positioned them among the best of the world. This area also houses Laur and Pasrai olive oil factories.

In all cases, visitors will tour around vineyards, olive tree groves and wine-making facilities – one winery of each type and an olive oil factory-and will get gorgeous views of the snow-capped peaks of Cordon del Plata during tasting sessions. They will also see the various trellis systems and the different irrigation methods inherited from the Huarpes and the Incas, who managed to direct the water to each plant, making up an impressive hydraulic engineering work which has served as a model for many other regions in the world.

b. Regular full-day tours

These tours combine the pleasure of discovering the magic of wine and the opportunity to enjoy a good meal. In fact, several wineries now feature areas where their visitors are offered delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients. Argentine barbecue- with empanadas and wine made there-, and sophisticated gourmet dishes are among the gamut of alternatives visitors who buy full-day tours may choose from.



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