Art in winery

It is possible to find many connections between art and wine, but there is one characteristic that especially links them: the constant participation of sensitivity. Making and tasting good wines, as the art of painting or the pleasure of looking at a painting, are a challenge to our senses.
There are many wineries that exhibit works of art.
In Maipu, for example, Casa del Visitante restaurant, at Bodega Familia Zuccardi houses an art gallery that is open to the public.
Bodega Benegas treasures several 19th century 40,000 Dollar-worth ponchos. Federico Benegas Lynch, the winery owner is always travelling around the country to keep tradition alive. His family keeps a poncho that used to belong to Chief Catriel, a gift from Julio Argentino Roca to Tiburcio Benegas, when the Campaign of the Desert came to an end.
In Valle de Uco, fascinating Bodega Salentein houses Kilka art gallery where 19th and 20th century Dutch paintings are on exhibition along with contemporary local ones. It is a place where the five senses play a role, as the aroma and flavor of wine mix with works of art of all kinds. It also features a wine, crafts, and accessories shop, as well as a bar and a gourmet restaurant overlooking the Andes.

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