San Rafael Area

San Rafael, which is 232km south from Mendoza City, is in the heart of the province and it is an oasis cut through two important river’s waters: Diamante and Atuel river. Engineering works have been done on these mighty rivers such as Valle Grande (Great Valley), Nihuil, Los Reyunos, Agua del Toro (Bull’s Waters), Tigre (Tiger) and Galileo Vitale dams. These dams are used for culture irrigation, human consume and hydroelectric energy production but they also provide an ideal landscape for relax or adrenaline tourism. This South Oasis is made up of San Rafael and General Alvear’s territory. San Rafael and General Alvear share the same climate characteristics which provides with a favorable agro-climatic environment for fruit growing, and nowadays organic products growth has been given great impetus; Whereas General Alvear stands out because of its flair for dry bovine cattle rearing.

There are few days in which the sun is not shinning in San Rafael: The climate factor has been very favorable for the tourist boom in the last decade. San Rafael City, which is the second most important of the province, displays huge and wide avenues with shinning sidewalks where visitors can go around comfortable. Bars and restaurants spread its tables on the footway. Nightlife is lively in San Rafael. Lodging offers is huge; there are cottages, hostels and hotels for those who prefer tourist circuits. San Rafael abounds in green spaces, squares, museums and outdoor spectacles.

General Alvear has also become an important tourist center, which offers the most varied options for adventure tourism and other options for nature lovers like rural tourism in large farms; which invites you to get to know and discover rural environments with its traditions and flavors. Handicrafts play a predominant role in General Alvear, several tourist circuits are displayed called “Creole Roads”, “fruits and aromas Route” and “Caprines’ footprints”. General Alvear’s Wine Roads’ wineries and tastes, traditional department parties, historic places, El Tapal Lagoon’s fauna and vegetal riches are the last basic guidelines in General Alvear’s splendid notice board.



Full natural landscapes, unique sceneries and good services are mixed in one appealing option. Big lakes and vertiginous rivers offer the opportunity to go rafting, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, rowing, diving, water skiing, motor boating and sport fishing. While the range landscapes offers rappel, climbing, tyrolean, trekking, mountain bike, horseback riding, photographic safaris and camping. San Rafael is Mendoza’s tourist capital and it always has something new to discover. Its geography gives it a thousand adventures’ sceneries. Horseback rides, trekking and multiple activities set off from there. Adventurisms’ multiple modalities in San Rafael tend to multiply year after year. Valle Grande (Great Valley) is becoming the chosen scenery for adventure and adrenaline lovers. This choice is not casual; it is because San Rafael’s geography is suitable for playing these exciting sports.


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