Student Tourism

Graduation trips have a major symbolic value in the life of students. Mendoza offers the possibility of combining every activity, from cultural and educational to recreational and sportive ones, with the aim of learning and enjoying through the active participation in the culture and touristic events from the place.

Student tourism is the one practiced by groups of students, mostly with the presence of teachers who arrange visits to historical places, museums, parks, monuments, important natural environments, beaches, mountains, plains, etc.

Student tourism has to be intensely promoted because what is learnt during childhood and adolescence remains for the rest of life. When texts are studied and explained by teachers they are better understood when ascertained with reality and the horizon of life is expanded.

The tourist is always trying to get himself some culture. It is easier to assimilate it when the opportunity of knowing the source of the elements which produce culture arises during childhood or adolescence. In this way, youth tourism becomes a pedagogical factor and a cultural shaping influence.

To fulfill this series of requirements Mendoza has a wide range of offers:


• Historical tours:

– Ruta Sanmartiniana


• Landscape tours:

– Alta montaña

– Cañón del Atuel

– Malargüe


• Productive tours:

– The Wine Route in the different oases

– The Olive Oil route in the different oases

– Productive tour in Valle de Uco



Numerous pubs and clubs distributed mainly in three areas:

– Alameda, Chacras de Coria and El Challao

– Shopping malls, theatres, and movies

– Themed parks: Water Park in Cacheuta


Adventure tourism is offered in all its variants due to the diversity of the landscape that the city has to offer: white water rafting, horseback riding, trekking, zip lining, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain biking, abseiling, speleology, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, wind surfing, photographic safaris, 4×4 and four track trail rides,etc.

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