Crossing Of The Andes: MENDOZA/CHILE

While you are in Mendoza, the crossing of the Andes is a tour you cannot put off. This tour goes along Mendoza River, from the vast agricultural oasis that surrounds the city to the spectacular mountain chain that marks the boundary between Argentina and Chile.


It winds valleys, meadows, streams, rivers, the Andean foothills, and the highest peaks of the Andes Mountain Range.


While we are on the road to Chile, we are reminded of General San Martín’s epic deed, which took place in 1817, during January and February. We can understand in its real magnitude what a heroic deed it was to cross the highest mountain range in the continent with his army with the sole purpose of achieving the people’s dream of freedom.


The crossing of the Andes is considered as one of the greatest hits of Argentinean history, and also as one of the biggest deeds of universal military history. The majority of the army crossed the Andes through the difficult paths of Uspallata and Los Patos, which were considered impossible to cross due to the geographical and climate conditions.

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