Valle de Uco Rg.

Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley), which occupies Mendoza’s central region, offers the ideal scenery for tourist running due to the varied activities that can be carried out there: Adventure, religious, cultural, rural and natural tourism and the Wine Roads. The term “Uco” comes from a native chief that lived in the region during colonization. Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) is a valley made up of high lands which divide from its foothills into fertile small valleys where most of the population is settled. It is formed by three departments: Tunuyán, San Carlos and Tupungato.

The Andes, which marks West, sets the borders with Chile and in its inside lies stunning sceneries, such as Tunuyán River’s source where six-thousand-high mountains are found. The Cordón del Portillo’s (Portillo’s Chain) heights range between 4.900m in the South and 6.000m in the North. Maipo Volcano is reflected in the Laguna del Diamante (Diamond’s lake) and creates one the most impressive postcards of Mendoza. In Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) the sceneries and natural landscapes are exposed at its best; it combines valleys, mountains and ranges which are sailed by Tunuyán River, the most important in the region where Gaucha, Las Tunas, Pircas and Grande streams converge. These streams collect thaw from the snow in the mountains. This rich in oxygen crystal-clear waters offer the ideal temperature and conditions for salmon rearing which has been favorable for farming colonies that distributes fresh products to hotels and restaurants in the area. The trout called “rainbow” is the predominant one. It provides with high quality meat, low calories, low cholesterol and high in Omega 3 which fights cardiovascular diseases. The trout’s flavor is so soft and delicate that it fits perfectly in fast food or in high cuisine dishes.

Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) displays a wide variety of flora: Grass pasturelands, lichens, ferns, thatch, rosehip, thyme, pampas grass, jarilla, chañar, bulrush and jonquil among others. Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) displays also a varied fauna: condors, eagles, viscachas, hares, foxes, skunk, pumas, small armadillos, ducks, guanacos and piuquens in the mountains and wall lizards, snakes, partridges, fence rabbits, otters, catfishes and Chilean coots in the plain areas. The climate is ideal, scarcely rains and frosts almost daily in June, July and August. The average height ranges between 1.000 and 1.200 meters above sea level. The land is sandy and stony which produces excellent drainages. The perfect combination of these three aspects -climate, height and soil- in Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) makes it a unique and privileged place for vine growing. Semillón and Malbec varieties stand out and reach incomparable quantity results for world-valued wine production. Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) is well-established between mountain ranges and streams and offers a wide range of attractive activities for tourism. Wide, varied and affordable vacation offers suitable for everybody’s pockets are available.




If you like the world of wines, there is nothing better than Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) to travel around vineyards facing the impressive Andes; you can also go visiting handcrafted and family wineries. Here there are some of the most modern and magnificent wineries of the world, they were built by renowned national and foreign investors. Getting to know these wineries is a chance to acquaint yourself with wine elaboration process and to delight some wine-tasting.



In the past few years, Valle de Uco (Uco’s Valley) has become an adventure center which combines the contrasting peace and adrenaline with the beautiful sceneries that are the landscape for risky activities to be played. Adventure tourism in Valle de Uco is the ideal complement for those who are looking for combining the annual break with outdoor sports. Trekking, mountain bike, horseback riding and sport fishing are some of the main activities offered by the three departments in the Valley.


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