las canasteras huarpes

The Huarpes

Originally, the word Huarpe could be translated as “direct descendants of a deity.” Huarpes lived in what today i...

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Mendoza – Adventure tourism

En Mendoza la naturaleza asoma diversa y mágica, ornamentando el mapa de formas cautivantes y novedosas: es una región...


Oasis Vitivinícola del Valle de Uco: Viñedos Salentein

Wine Oasis of Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco, also known as Central Oasis, is situated 100 km south-west of Downtown Mendoza, in the Tunuyan river basin...

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Cordón del Plata

Cordón Del Plata

"Cordón del Plata” is a mountain chain in the Argentine Andes, located completely at the province of Mendoza, in the ...