Dinosaurs Route

The formation of this international, scientific and cultural touristic route allows the integration of the three geological and paleontological parks that exist in Argentina.
Talamaya National Park in La Rioja, Ischigualasto Natural Park (better known as “Valle de la Luna”) in San Juan, and Sierra de las Quijadas National Park in San Luis. Recently, the incorporation of Malargüe in the province of Mendoza was suggested, with a project called “Huellas de Dinosaurios.”
Ischigualasto, Talampaya landscapes are among South America’s greatest natural wonders, as they house valuable deposits that have been declared common heritage of mankind by UNSECO. It was suggested that Sierra de las Quijadas Park should belong in the same eco-tourist group. Today, these areas are connected, making up the world’s most important geological and paleontological site discovered in the last 245 years.
The aim of the creation of this route was to build a road that would link the provinces of the Cuyo area, promoting regional integration. In the year 2002 its development began, boosted by officials from San Juan, San Luis, La Rioja, and Mendoza with the city of Malargüe. Here the first systematized collection of fossil remains was put together, as well as its exhibition; and a paleontological documentary was filmed.

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