Buried deep in the heart of the Andes Mountain Range, at the banks of Mendoza River, this hot spring complex consists of a Hotel and Resort, and offers two activities to spend the day: TermaSpa Full Day, and a Water Park. Hotel and Resort: it has an exclusive hot springs centre with pools with temperatures going from 28º to 38º, it offers fangotherapy, a grotto (a natural vaporarium), a corner shower, foot baths, etc. All inclusive: hot springs centre + food + massage + adventure tourism. TermaSpa Full Day: perfect option to spend a relaxing day in the Hot Spring Centre at the hotel with a criollo lunch buffet included. Water Park: it has indoor and outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 18º to 30º, a pool with artificial waves, a slow river, vaporariums, slides, barbeque areas and adventure activities. It is for all the family. Pleasure, relax and leisure seem to be their magical words which can be enjoyed all year round. Cacheauta hot springs have on their grounds two vaporariums that expel thermal vapor that detoxifies the skin and helps the respiratory system. A comfortable partially indoor pool, a pool with pleasant bubbles, a safe pool for kids to enjoy, all at an average temperature of 30º; in addition to massage showers, that produce a relaxing effect, and the characteristic calm atmosphere, create an effect that categorically beats stress. Other pools and a water slide extend the outdoors satisfaction. On top of all that, a deep pool with waves, surrounded by a wide beach of fine sand and the flow of the river round the park ending in a waterfall, decorate the grounds in a charming way, increasing the bathers’ pleasure. Barbeque areas perfectly thought for the visitors’ comfort invite you in to spend the day on the grounds, while the most curious decide to try other services offered in the complex. Trekking, rappelling, zip-lining, horseback riding, and white water rafting are some of the alternative activities offered, which can take the visitor from the most relaxing sensation to the most extreme adventure.