An Endless Variety

Tourism has been an interesting development through ecotourism, agro-tourism and adventure tourism.

If you are passionate about adventure, you’ll get caught in activities such as horse-back riding, rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, and rafting on Tunuyán river. If you are looking for country life calmness, Rural Tourism offers a varied program designed to experience what farm life is like. This includes staying in old houses, having delicious breakfasts outside, tasting honey, making marmalade, and eating traditional dishes, among others.

Culture is also present in this marvelous land. The Manzano Historico area houses Museo Sanmartiniano (General San Martín’s archeological and natural museum). You can also visit Monumento Retorno a la Patria (Return to the homeland monument) Theme Park. Another particularly beautiful spot is Parque La Lombardia, located along Tunuyán riverbank that features beautiful trees brought from several regions in Argentina. You can also visit the “Caidos en Malvinas” (Malvinas War Casualties) memorial.

Tunuyán is the youngest wine tourism region in Mendoza. “Caminos del Vino” (The Roads of Wine) tour allows you to see modern, architecturally impressive wineries which use the latest technology to produce Premium wines. You’ll find yourself in an ideal place to spend a few days learning about wine and enjoying local cuisine. This adventure will give you the opportunity to taste emblematic malbec, as well as to take part in guided tasting sessions, grape picking sessions, cooking lessons, lunch meals, and gourmet picnics. You can stay in their comfortable lodges, hotels and spas overlooking magnificent sceneries.

Very appealing festivities and events take place in Tunuyán, such us: Festival de la Rosa (Rose Festival), Fiesta Provincial de la Cereza (Provincial Cherry Celebration), Fiesta del Arriero (Muleteer Celebration), Triatlón de Tunuyán (Tunuyán’s triathlon). Also different folkloric events, such as: Noche de Cuyanos (Cuyanos Night), Pre Tonada (Pre Tonada Festival), and without a doubt the most well-known is the Festival de la Tonada (Folklore music festival) is held along Tunuyán riverbank, where artists from all the country get together. The typical gastronomical offers are excellent.

This four-night festival offers you the chance to listen to Cuyo region music, see craft fairs, witness the skills of national singers performing in the festival, be one of the more than ten thousand people who attend this great festival and are proud of their land and tradition. Extras include tasting local dishes such as empanadas, Argentinean-style barbecue, goat, and great wines in harvest time celebrations.

When it comes to harvest time, Tunuyán celebrates it like no other region. Its harvest festival is held at Tunuyán outdoor theater, a huge venue that highlights the traditions of a region with a rich history. Using colors and dance, more than 300 performers appear on stage to pay homage to their homeland by celebrating vines and a good harvest.

Tunuyán was the region chosen by General San Martín back on 26 January, 1823 when the first rays of sun witnessed his definite departure from Chilean territory after completing his heroic liberation campaign. San Martín’s troops started their way back on Paso de Piquenes towards the area where present-day Manzano Historico Reserve is located. He was welcomed by Cavalry Colonel Manuel de Olazabal – his companion during the break in the shade of that old apple tree, a silent witness of Argentine history.

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