Mendoza Wine Oasis

The Province of Mendoza is the most traditional wine making region in Argentina. It can be divided into four regions of very different orographic and hydrographic characteristics: Northern region, Eastern region, Central region, and Southern region.
The province’s infrastructure for wine tourism is among the most complete ones, with either regular tours or fancy personalized sensorial trips.
In the four región the great concentration of producing wineries open to the tourist permit to enjoy a really integrating tour, with museums, cellars, farms and old colonial houses, estancias in the middle of the mountain, premium wineries or family owned wineries, the latter in many cases run by their owners.
All landscapes are especially suitable for combining visits to wineries with adventure tourism. Snow, rivers, mountains, lagoons, caves, deserts, floral and fauna reservations, picturesque cities and important museums offer a countless number of proposals.

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