Mountain region and Villavicencio

Driving distance: 430 km. Duration: 12 hours. Departure from the city of Mendoza.

The mountain region can also be accessed by going north, driving past Villavicencio Ravine.

Once we get into the lower Andes range, we’ll see Villavicencio Natural Reserve, where beautiful Scandinavian-style Hotel Termas is located. This hotel was built by Daniel Ramos Correas but it has been closed since 1978.

A bit farther, we’ll drive along the 365-curve road, which is an exciting way to go up the lower Andes range. We’ll stop at Paramillo Cross (3,000 m a.s.l.) for visitors to appreciate the native fauna (guanacos, foxes, hares, and condors) as well as the frontal Andes range.

On the summit, the Aconcagua viewpoint offers gorgeous views of the mountains that contrast with the blue ski.

We’ll finally go down Uspallata Valley and other parts of the tour, such as the high mountain region excursion, will take place.


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