Valles del Plata or Vallecitos is the oldest recreational center and snow park in Mendoza. It is also the closest to the city (79 km). It is located in the Luján de Cuyo district, at the foot of Cordón del Plata. Visitors may reach this area by taking Ruta Panamericana (Nacional N°7) and then the Vallecitos exit from Potrerillos. Vallecitos is divided in clearly marked areas according to base elevation, fertile lowlands and hanging ravines belonging to San Antonio lodge. There are easy, intermediate and difficult ski slopes, the area of which is 100 hectares The snow at Vallecitos is dry, compact and powdery. The total area suitable for skiing, which is divided into 12 ski slopes, is 4,740 m. This area is great for doing snow sports, mountaineering, and horse-back riding in the mountains. This winter resort includes a small hotel and four shelters.