Aconcagua Provincial Park

Aconcagua Provincial Park is 185 km away from the city of Mendoza, near the border with Chile, in the department of Las Heras.

Here is located the highest mountain in the entire American continent, the Aconcagua, with 6,962 mts high., an icon of world mountain climbing. Cerro Aconcagua is the “The Roof of the Americas”, the highest peak on two continents.

The area is notable for its glaciers as reservoirs of freshwater as well as for its archaeological remains.

Its name would come from ACKON-CAHUAC which means “stone guard” in Quechua or from ACON-CAGUA, “Snowed mountain” in Aymará.

The region is characterized as arid and rocky, with high peaks covered with eternal snow. The vegetation is poor and covers the slopes up to an altitude of 4000 metres, there can be seen as herbs as the Coiron and low shrubs as the Yellow Wood.

The wildlife is also scarce and shows special adaptations to withstand such aridity. One of the most common birds is the majestic Condor also called the king of the Andes.

Some of the main attractions of the park include the Aconcagua, Laguna Horcones, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Francia.

Trekking tourists, mountain climbers and ecotourists in general tour it during the whole year.

Parque Provincial Aconcagua, encompassing 71,000 hectares, lies entirely north of RN 7. The main entry point is Laguna Horcones, four kilometers northwest of Puente del Inka, but there’s also access via Punta de Vacas, 20 kilometers east.



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