The Central Celebrations

Year after year, the first weekend in March, almost without interruption since 1936, they are committed to holding power. After elapsed district and departmental parties, of which are the 17 candidates for national scepter, culminating in acts of Blessing of Fruits, Milky White of Queens, Carousel and Central Act, with two repetitions.
The White Way
“Corso de los carros alegóricos” was the first name given to Via Blanca de las Reinas. During the Via Blanca, the regional queens seeking the national scepter pass through the main streets of city in picturesque carriages, while a crowd gathers on the sidewalks to greet the candidate queens and their courts. This colorful parade, with its diverse participants, is an expression of the efforts made by those from different regions within Mendoza to participate and have their voices heard.
The Carousel takes place the morning previous to the central act. Here, departmental queens, each accompanied by her court, parade the central streets on board of floats especially made and decorated for the occasion. These generally show native figures, and are full of shine and colour.
The carousel’s parade starts at General San Martín’s Park and moves to main streets such as Emilio Civit, Sarmiento, Chile, Las Heras, and San Martín streets (a three kilometer itinerary).
Traditional gaucho groupings join this parade each year. They show their typical costumes, and exhibit their horses harnessed with the best leather and silver adornments.
What is more, people from the different collectivities that coexist in Mendoza also join the parade. Italian, Spanish, Bolivians, Chileans, Peruvians, Uruguayans, Japanese, Croats, Germans, etc, they all wear typical costumes from their respective countries.
Acto Central (Main Vendimia Show)
Main Event is the Festival’s closing event. Dance and music become the protagonists when celebrating the fruits of a years’ effort. The Festival devoloped into the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater, the first Saturday of March, surrounded by hills which enhance the show of light and sound. This year a four thousand square meter- stage, big screens, light boxes, more than 650 artists on stage including dancers, actors and extras will be starring the show that makes Mendoza’s most important evening come to life.
After this, the final part of the show begins: the choice of the National Vendimia Queen.
The unforgettable evening closes with a magnificent show starred by the brightness, the colour and the sound impact of fireworks. More than 20 minutes that qualify this closing as a unique show in the country.
Serenata de las Reinas
Serenata de las Reinas starts with the live broadcast of the Fiesta de la Vendimia on a giant screen placed on San Martin Ave. On Sunday early hours, after the queen is elected, she goes out to the balcony of the Subsecretaria de Turismo (1143 San Martin Av.) and local artists give her flowers and songs.
Repetición del Acto Central (Repetition of the Main Vendimia Show)
In 1948 the election resulted in a tie therefore the first Acto Central Repetition took place. The music, light and color show is repeated.
Currently there are two repeats: Sunday and Monday following and is often supplemented with the participation of singers or bands that replace the national election of the queen that is done, obviously, only Saturday night.

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