Cristo Redentor

In Las Cuevas, we can find the famous Christ the Redeemer of the Andes (in Paso de Los Andes). This is a religious image built at 4200 meters above sea level in the border with Chile.

It has a height of 7 meters and it weighs 4 tons. It was made in 1902 by sculptor Mateo Alonso. For this, he used the bronze of the Andes Army weapons. It has a 6 meters high granite pedestal; the image stands in the panoramic views of valleys and close mountains.

Generally, it is possible to visit the monument in January and February each year, depending on the weather conditions. Its access is controlled by National Gendarmerie who determines if the safety conditions are adequate.

Close to Las Cuevas, we can find the Christ the Redeemer International Tunnel which allows, through its 3080 meters long, to enter Chile. Also, at an approximate distance of 6 kilometers we find Portillo, the most important ski center of Chile. 154 far from it, there is Santiago, its capital city.


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