Hot Spring Los Molles, In Malargüe

Located in a privileged setting, and immersed in a valley of mesmerizing beauty, hot spring Los Molles is opened all year round, and it captivates those looking for ideal place to rest and relax with its magnificent facilities.
Located at only 50 Km from the urban centre of Malargüe, Hot Spring Los Molles captivates its guests with its good qualities for health and for the release of stress.
It is located 1,920 m a.s.l. southwest of the City of Mendoza (365 km far from it), and only 15 km far from Las Leñas. It features three hotels, the oldest of which offers two different types of thermal baths: sulfur water pools and ferrous water pools.

With water of highly saline concentration (hypertonic), that can be classified as sulphurous, sulfide, chloride sulphate, sodium, very strong calcic, and weak bicarbonated water, Los Molles Hot Spring is recommended to alleviate arthritic, hepatic, gynecologic and respiratory conditions; as well as eczemas, and rickets. What is more, its mud is rich in salts and it is prescribed as local fomentation in swollen areas.

Malargüe also has other hot spring resorts: Termas del Azufre (del Azufre Hot Springs), its premises are buried deep in the Andes Mountain Range, and it has outdoor pools; Termas de Cajón Grande (Cajón Grande Hot Springs), consisting of a five outdoor pools complex located on the road to Chile. Both of them can only be accessed during the summer, and are located at over 100 Km from the city.

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