Laguna del Diamante

This lake is located 130 km far from San Carlos main village and it is accessed through a beautiful Andean path.

It is hidden in the mountains’ heart, at the foot of Volcan Maipo (5,323 m – 3,307.5 miles), between the Frontal and the Frontier Andean Ranges.

This thaw water lake, is one of the most important nature reserves in Latin America and one of the main natural highlights in Mendoza.

It was declared a reserve in the year 1994, and it protects, with a territory covering an extension of 13,000 hectares, an important section of the Main Andean Range, including the Maipo Volcano (5,323 meters above sea level) and the Lagoon (3,300 meters above sea level).

It takes its name from the beautiful image which the Maipo Volcano reflects on its crystal clear waters when it is quiet.

It is a highly appreciated place for those who love fishing, as its landscape is magnificent and peaceful. An important quantity of trout has been introduced in the lagoon, something very much valued by sports fishers.

In summer, it is an important reserve of large guanaco flocks, which in winter migrate to the lower regions of the department of San Carlos.

Due to the extreme conditions of its climate, it is only possible to enter the lagoon from December to March. However, it is advisable to find out if the road is open when you want to do this excursion. Another important recommendation is to travel in 4×4 vehicles, as the last part of the road is a 45-kilometer section with highly demanding steep slopes.


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