Main Attractions

Traditionally known as the ‘Land of Wine and Sunshine’, Mendoza is one of Argentina’s tourist destinations whose takes in travelers 365 days a year not only with its usual warmth, but with a variety of things to do that are difficult to find in other places.

Aconcagua, snow, ski, mountain rivers and rafting; crops and ecological tourism; memories of the exploits of General San Martin, make it a privileged tourist region.

The province of Mendoza is a zone of contrasts, a mountainous and arid region, but furrowed by river from Andean water.

The majesty of the Andes mountain range with its emblematic mountain Aconcaqua, the tallest peak in all of the Americas, serves as a backdrop to an irrigated oasis that is home to some of the most valuable vineyards and world famous wines.

Man, by means of irrigation canals, took advantage of this resource and transformed the region into a prosperous oasis very apt to cultivate vines and for the subsequent elaboration of wines of a very high quality that are becoming renowned throughout the world.

Travelers can visit numerous wineries and participate in wine-tastings along the “caminos del vino” or “wine’s road”. It is one of the most popular tours along with the mountain tour. The path to the mountain range to reach Paso de la Cumbre (that takes you to Chile) is spectacular, with beautiful spots and important historical sites.

Dams create water reserves and generate energy as well as offering the possibility to enjoy the environment.

The Capital is a clean and safe city, beautified by multiple plazas and monuments, the Central Park San Martín, museums that commemorate the history of San Martín.

We also highlight the cuisine, the regional celebrations, and the biggest celebration, the National Vendimia Festival celebrated the first Saturday of March each year.

Adventure tourism offers a multitude of alternatives such as rafting, activities in the Andes (principally utilizing Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere, Tupungato or Payen Matru), trekking, horse back riding, mountain biking and many others, where the visitor can enjoy participating in normal fun activities without risk.

Winter Sports and hot springs complete the tourist offerings of the region.


Main tourist attractions

Aconcagua December – March
Snow/ski June – September
Adventure tourism throughout the year
Landscaping throughout the yea
Ecotourism throughout the year
Rural Tourism throughout the year
Wine tourism throughout the year
Crossing of The Andes throughout the year (Subject to snowfall May – September)
Grape Harvest Festival January, February, March
Classical music along the roads of wine Easter Holidays
Thermal water springs throughout the year
Fishing November – September (Depending on species and places)
Golf throughout the year
Conventions/events throughout the year
Casinos/Entertainment facilities Throughout the year

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