Mendoza, pioneer in Argentina

The province of Mendoza has become the first Argentinean region in promoting gay tourism through the signing of an agreement of cooperation between the Tourist Office and the Argentinean Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
Mendoza is the second most visited province by the consumption segment of the gay community.
The stamp of Malbec and everything related to wine prevails in Mendoza, as well as snow and adventure tourism. A good combination makes urban destinations, generally preferred by men, and nature, chosen by women, coexist in Mendoza.
The American city of Las Vegas is legendary because of the simplicity to get married in a quick way with no major restrictions. In the same way, Mendoza is trying not to be left behind and through a legal modification it expects to become a Gay Friendly destination par excellence.
Even though a new law has ruled in the country for over two years now, allowing same-sex marriage, Mendoza is taking the lead, with a legal modification which will provide greater benefits and advantages to the ones interested in getting marriage.
While in the rest of the country (except  for Buenos Aires)  foreign couples of the same sex have to remain in the place for at least 40 or 50 days and submit lots of certificates to get married, in Mendoza the formalities required after the last law modification only take 5 days.
In this way, same-sex couples of any country of the world who want to get married freely can do so in Mendoza presenting the passport and a certificate of a hotel reservation lasting at least five days as the only requirement needed.
It is worth mentioning that the procedure and the required taxes for the marriage are exactly the same for foreign couples of the same sex as for those from Mendoza. And the legal marriage certificate is obviously internationally valid.

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