Golf Activities

Mendoza presents a large variety of magnificent sceneries for the development of several activities. Among them, golf has gained remarkable popularity in recent times.

This outdoor game offers a combination of physical exercise and appreciation of nature, and it may be practised individually or in teams.

Though many great golf courses and wineries exist in the world today, nowhere are the two combined to create an experience like the one you’ll find at Mendoza’s golf club. Here, golfers enjoy championship golf that literally plays through lush vineyards, natural water reservoirs, olive groves, and walnut, pear and plum orchards. With the snowcapped Andes Mountain ranges towering on the horizon, players will experience a one-of-a-kind golfing adventure in the beauty of Mendoza’s quintessential wine country.

This section presents various Golf Clubs, courses or sites where this activity is practiced, with the traditional 18 holes, and others that offer the option of playing a 9-hole course twice for an 18-hole round.
Las principales canchas de la provincia son:


Golf Club Andino, Parque General San Martín, Club de Campo Mendoza, Guaymallén, La Vacherie Country Golf, Maipú.



Atamisque Golf, Tupungato, Tupungato Winelands, Tupungato.


El Nevado Golf Club, San Rafael, Algodon Wine Estates Viñas del Golf, San Rafael.


Risco Plateado Golf, Malargüe.


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