Cámara de Turismo de Mendoza

Cámara de Turismo de Mendoza

San Lorenzo 156,
Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina
Tel.: 00 54261 4649688

This business group has been working for more than thirty years on our province tourist promotion in national, regional and international markets by advocating the sector´s interests.  Based on such an experience, were are convinced that it is only through a strong commitment and a thorough knowledge of common interests that we can better identify our needs and find the most suitable solutions.

Our Chamber is a private association that is composed of tourist service providers of all kinds. It comprises hospitality companies such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies, wholesale operators; adventure tour operators, wineries, gift shops, etc. (Note that its Board of Directors includes representatives of each sub-sector´s association).

Since 1982, the Mendoza Chamber of Tourism has carried out numerous actions and delivered presentations all throughout Argentina and neighboring countries. We managed to create – within the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (Spanish acronym: CAT) – the first overseas tourist promotion commission. We directed and then accompanied it for more than a decade until present-day INPROTUR was created. Our Chamber also fostered the creation of FEDECATUR (Tourism Chambers Federation), which was presided by two of our directors during two different periods. FEDECATUR would defend the interests of the various tourist destinations in the provinces.

It is worth mentioning that we worked hard for Mendoza tourism to achieve a higher rank. Act 5489 ranked it as a secretariat, and then as a Department.
Some more work was done in the legislative sphere for the implementation of regulations that provided for an orderly development of tourist activities. Such work was extended to the rest of the country and Mercosur. A major achievement was persuading the Government of Mendoza to build the Mendoza Convention Center more than twenty years ago.

The Mendoza Chamber of Tourism also cooperated in making the wine making sector understand how important tourism is. A sector that had only exploited tourism marginally for 50 years started making massive investments in Dollars. We need not forget the constant efforts made to attract top hotel chains to our land. Nowadays the many local and international five-star hotels are an option for all kinds of visitors, especially those coming to attend conventions.

The tourism industry is currently contributing around 250 million Dollars to the province per year. Large scale promotion campaigns are designed to achieve a greater share in the Argentine domestic tourism market.
The Mendoza Chamber of Tourism plays a leading role in this new reality. It is a member of Camara Argentina de Comercio (Argentine Chamber of Commerce´s) Board of Directors, whose Domestic Tourism Commission it directed, and Unión Comercial e Industrial de Mendoza (UCIM) (Mendoza Commerce and Industry Association). It is also a member of the Private Sector Advisory Committee at the Secretariat of Tourism. Our Chamber´s authorities work with the Secretariat and the Mendoza City Hall’s authorities on the organization of events.

It also participates in major marketing workshops and meetings organized throughout the year in order to promote tourist products. In this regard, we would like to highlight that our Chamber has recently sent a representative to China together with Mendoza´s official delegates.
Lastly, we are proud to say that we are currently publishing the only official travel guide to Mendoza called Donde Ir (Where to go). 38 bilingual issues have already been released during the last seasons, as well as a technical catalogue for travel agencies in Spanish, English and Portuguese that features maps of the city and its outskirts.

Based on the information above, we invite you to join the Mendoza Chamber of Tourism so as new and more ambitious goals can be achieved. We are now calling you to work with us to turn every small individual contribution into collective benefits. Even though the membership fee is extremely low, the sum of all contributions allows us to successfully face the various tasks imposed by an ever-changing reality. Here is our history to prove it.

Join us. Contact us at camturmza@opcionestelmex.com.ar

or on (54) (261) 4294202 or 4649688/89

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