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Mendoza means diversity, culture and tradition. It is a land where different religious groups looking for the experience of faith coexist in harmony.

Mendoza is a pioneer regarding religious coexistence. Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist, Roman Catholic, Maronite, and orthodox congregations make up Mendoza’s Interreligious Council, one of the few organizations of this kind in Latin America.

The fact that these temples are located at a very short distance from one another proves how tolerant they are.

The Catholic congregation – the majority religion in Mendoza- is proud of their Catedral de Loreto and Basilica de San Francisco which are the main worship sites of the Mendoza Catholic Church.

Worship sites are a noteworthy segment of the Mendoza tourist market. Tourists may visit popular worship sites as well as cathedrals and chapels, monasteries and convents. They may also enjoy some sacred art and religious music – such as Gregorian chant- played at these sites.

It is a current tendency to arrange tours for religious tourism. They visit churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and they get to experience their neighborhoods, their beliefs, the way they practice their religion, and the different cultures that coexist in different communities, which, in short, become a comprehensive sample of the culture of their place of origin. Also, in Mendoza, the main offers for religious tourism are presented with an inclusive approach among all the different religions that are practiced in the country, regardless if they are significant in number in the community.

There are countless possibilities to visit places and remains of the different stages of the religious life of the different beliefs. It is worth learning about them, not only by those who practice a certain religions, but also by all of those who want to unveil the history of faith in Mendoza.

Scenes in Mendoza exhibit churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques. Places of pilgrimage, mystic, sacred, for meditation, of great spirituality, and popular demonstrations, are distributed through mountains, desserts, urban oases, and the country side. There are artistic and architectural realizations, where religious art, icons, stained-glass windows, imagery, relics, paintings, carvings, and filigrees stand out. There are also religious museums and different style buildings; from the majestic ones with big arcades, cupulas, bas-reliefs, columns, and bell towers; to the simple chapels in the dessert or on the mountains, which are moving due to their traditions and mysticism.

A varied calendar of ecumenical celebrations is carried out throughout the year. Towns and municipalities go on processions with their virgins and saints to exhibit once a year on the streets the images that represent their objects of devotion. This is a sincere demonstration of the spirituality of the people of Mendoza and the pilgrims.

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