Malargüe Area

Malargüe, which is located in Mendoza’s southeast angle, is the biggest and youngest department and it is the one with the largest quantity of rivers. Its geography provides it with different sceneries: Andean valleys, high summits, huge plateaus, high volcanic peaks, thermal waters full of therapeutic properties, glaciers, streams, rivers and lagoons that store up natural resources with incomparable value and beauty. Probably its sceneries variety was the reason why it has become a tourist attraction center, a particular destination; enchanted girls, witches and souls shroud the place in mystery and legend… Malargüe is also a paradise for nautical sport and fishing lovers since salmons and silversides abounds in the multiple catchment areas. Besides, Malargüe has been chosen as the Pierre Auger Project’s epicenter that is an international scientific project for cosmic rays study. Malargüe’s flora is assorted according to the different sceneries’ climate variation. There are conifer and steppe forests; these forests grow in the Andean hillsides full of beautiful Patagonian cedar and monkey puzzle trees, whereas steppes are covered in xerophilous vegetation and stunted like thatch and creosote. In all Malargüe territory it is frequently possible to sight condors, guanacos, choiques and Patagonian hares and sporadically, wild boars, deers and cougars. But undoubtedly, the leading roles in local fauna are played by flamingoes and black-necked swans which are abundant in the lagoons. Apart from its important oil production, Malargüe traditionally has excelled in the extensive caprine cattle rearing which is a relevant factor when approaching Malargüe’s dishes. Malargüe’s cuisine main dish is chivito (goat’s meat). Chivito is used in many dishes such as lasagna, capelletti, rolled meat, stew and traditional flame roasted goat; it is also used for gourmet products like goat’s ham and fillet with olive oil or pickling brine and in many more preparations. Another delight in Malargüe is trout pâté or smoked trout, with sauces or stuffed. Malargüe’s gastronomy includes another typically regional product: Potato. It is used in different ways even as a dessert which is an innovation: original potato jam flavored with liquor, walnuts and oranges, another delicious dessert is goat dulce de leche.

Malargüe which is the Northern edge, closes the province’s map with a touch of dry beauty, it offers exotic landscapes and a wide variety of animal species, ideal for photographic safaris and scientific projects. Its multiple circuits provide with the most varied and inescapable tourist destination alternatives, whether it is a landscape, caving, scientific, thermal, ecological or adventure tour.



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