Learning Spanish in Mendoza

Mendoza offers a lot of opportunities to live fully the experience of learning the Spanish language, considered today as the second largest in the world and the third most spoken.

Learning a language is not only about grammar, vocabulary, etc. It has been proven that to learn a language one has to completely go deep into the culture and the traditions of the respective country. That is why the best option to do so is the possibility to practice the language in situ. That is to say, to know its traditions, its songs, its architecture, etc.

Many specialists agree that the success of in situ language learning programmes is due to the fact that they provide a greater impulse to the spoken practice of the language.

It is worth mentioning that those who spend time training abroad many times exceed those who have studied for years, but feel inhibited because they are afraid to make mistakes.

Mendoza features several Spanish schools whose classes are small, allowing for a more personalized, dynamic and efficient teaching.

Mendoza houses more than 150 higher education institutions, some of which are universities. Spanish lessons may be combined with cooking, music, dancing, literature, geography, or Argentinean and Latin American history lessons.

There are specific programs called “Business Spanish”; “Spanish and Wine”, and “Spanish and Adventure”, among others that allow students to learn a specific jargon as they see the province.

Spanish students can obtain their certificates by taking the exams some Spanish schools give; by taking CELU (Spanish in use exam), by taking the exams given by public or private universities or by taking DELE (given by Instituto Cervantes)

Some Cuyo universities allow non-Spanish speaking Latin American students to attend classes for a semester. They could do that in March-June or August-November. They are taught academic Spanish before starting.

Mendoza is a city that offers cultural attractions throughout the year: exhibitions, plays, concerts, and festivals, that together with its pubs, night clubs, plazas, and pedestrian walks make it an extremely popular destination.


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