Snow and Ski

Located at a unique site, where the highest peaks of los andes range can be found, Mendoza is a privileged place that offers a kind of snow suitable for skiing; sun, mild temperatures and little wind. In addition to its benign climate, mendoza has a virtue which is unique in the country: it offers the possibility of choosing among different options regarding high mountain resorts, which, besides their natural beauty, they offer alternative tourism activities and winter sports, attracting both demanding visitors and those who enjoy practicing sports in natural environments.

Every year, from June to September, local resorts are crowded with visitors practicing traditional ski and also snowboarding, sledging, pato, polo, and snowcat riding. This is possible thanks to the high quality of their snow powder y their facilities and amenities that include night clubs, pubs, and various types of restaurants.

But snow is not only about skiing; it offers many leisure activities. People who prefer not to stay at ski centres, can, for example, take a tour through the high mountains, which is a pleasure to behold, they can shut themselves away in a cafeteria surrounded by frozen peaks to enjoy a coffee or a hot chocolate, or simply stop at any place outdoors to play. Any fantasy is possible when the activity is accompanied by good sunny weather.

Región Norte


Aconcagua Park

Centro de esqui Vallecitos

Centro de esqui Los Penitentes

Aconcagua Park

Los Puquios: Escuela de esqui

Los Puquios: Escuela de esqui

Región Sur Patagónico


Centro de esqui Las Leñas

Centros de esquí Las Leñas

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