Sierras de Encalada District, Route Nº 82: Cordón del Plata, Potrerillos dam, North Cacheuta, Mendoza river, Colonia Suiza, Álvarez Condárco, La Toma, Portal de las Sierras, Las Colinas, La Crucecita.

COLONIA SUIZA (SWISS COLONY). The place is named after the source of its first inhabitants, but what makes it famous is its excellent cuisine, here you can taste handmade products from local food, or meals as typical Swiss cheese fondue, meat and chocolate.

CACHEUTA. Along the cost of Mendoza river , 38 km far from the city, a mountainous area of unique beauty is accessed. This area used to be inhabited by Huarpes tribes, and in 1598 its hot water springs were first used by the Incas as a curing method.

The Legend of Cacheuta. The name Cacheuta takes after an aboriginal chief and the legend which tells that: in 1532 an Indian messenger arrived to see Cacheuta, the powerful Indian chief who dominated the Mendoza valley and its surroundings, to inform him that Atahualpa, the great Inca chief, had been taken prisoner and was asking for his help. Cacheuta called upon his people, gathered pouches full of gold and silver and set out to his rescue. The expedition moved into the rough and narrow mountains where it confronted the enemy. Cacheuta decided to hide the gold and attack. His men were defeated and the enemy started to search for the treasure, and just when they found it, spurts of boiling water emerged from the rocks, covering them. The legend tells that it was Cacheuta’s spirit that made the hot water spring. Cacheuta reigned before the first Spanish settlers arrived. Those settlers highlighted the existence of this attractive place of hot water springs with therapeutic powers in the XVI Century.

HOTEL TERMAL CACHEUTA. It was built in 1986, in the place where the former Hotel Balneario Cacheuta stood, at the beginning of the 20th century. The original elevator tower has been kept. The thermal baths are located at 1,200 m in a natural cave where five 35º C -40º C hot water springs converge.

THERMAL WATER PARK. Cacheuta has a Park Hot Springs. The modern complex has about seven pools of hot springs, a special wave, and a lazy river about three hundred meters. It also has green spaces, barbecue and barbecue grills.

THE HANGING BRIDGE. It is what identifies Cacheuta. The pedestrian suspension bridge, 140 meters long, connects the village buildings are divided on both sides of the river Mendoza.

Those who cross it experiment a unique sensation, also you can access this incomparable views of beautiful mountain landscape.

Adventure tourism activities may also be enjoyed there, such as going down to the river flow with ropes and harnesses, or rappelling in rocky mountainsides.



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