Laguna de la Niña Encantada

It is located at El Infiernillo volcanic slag heap. It is a crystalline water lake of 80 m. diameter inserted in the middle of an amazing rock field. The lagoon is surrounded by remnants of lava flows from volcanic craters that erupted in ancient geological epochs, incandescent material spilling over the course of a stream that fed it.

This lagoon is a perfect place to enjoy nature, relax and outdoor activities.
There are countless legends about this lake, one of them tells of two feuding tribes. The daughter of one of the chiefs of these tribes fell in love with a member of the enemy tribe, so their love was banned. Night after night the Indian cried in the lagoon for his frustrated love, until he was turned into stone.
The region has an ideal microclimate for the development of large amounts of vegetation, so that at certain times of year Laguna de la Niña Encantada becomes a beautiful landscape with a wide variety of colorful flowers.
In the hollows of the rocky walls can be seen how they are used by birds to locate their nests, besides seeing them fly over the blue waters of Laguna de la Niña Encantada.

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