Adventure Tourism in San Rafael


Due to the geological feature of the Atuel River course, the routes can vary in distance and time; being the shortest of 6 km. An intermediate of 10 km., And oneover 16 km., The time can vary, from 40 minutes to 2 hours. For the more adventurous there are other alternatives, such as rafting level 4 in Atuel River, but up to Sosneado, or three-day cruises along 100 km., All inclusive, just need to decide and be protagonists of theirownadventure.




Kayaking is a sport that is practiced in whitewater rivers (rivers foam in grapids) and unlike rafting where there are amny sailors, in kayak there is only one and the river.




This is an activity that takes place in inflatable canoes for up to two people.




Both Valle Grande Lake and Los Reyunos are places where catamaran rides take place during the twelve months of the year. Several providers offer this service to those wishing to enjoy a moment of relaxation on the calm waters of these dams.




Windsurfing is a major summer activities practiced in the lakes of San Rafael, th elovers of this sport display their colorful sails both in Nihuil and Los Reyunos.




Water skiing is an important part of water activities that take place in thewaters of the dam, Valle Grande, Los Reyunos and Nihuil.




This is an activity that involves crossing a river or two mountains at high speed, implementing a cable channel secured by a harness. It allows you to get a particular vision of Atuel River and Valle Grande when reach to its less traveled margin.

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