The city at night

Diving distance: 30 km. Duration: 2 hours

Going along España street, visitors will see Plaza San Martin, Plaza Independencia, and Plaza España. They will then get to the Government District (Government House, Law courts, and Federal Courts)

After driving a few blocks on Belgrano street, we´ll find Aristides Villanueva Ave. This is a lively street packed with shops, restaurants of all kinds and pubs.

If we continue up on this street, we’ll reach General San Martin park which is bordered by fancy Boulogne Sur Mer Ave. to the east and by the lower Andes range to the west.

This tour includes a stop at Caballitos de Marly sculpture, Mendoza de Regatas sports center, the lake, the rose garden or the Mendoza golf club.

Going out the park across the park gates, visitors will have the chance to see some of the high-end houses located on Emilio Civit Ave. The tour ends by taking visitors to the hotel or casino in case any of them wishes to try their luck.



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