City and Park

Driving distance: 60 km. Duration: half-day

Mendoza is a comfortable residential city packed with trees and spotlessly clean sidewalks.

This tour informs visitors of the history and culture of a city that was founded four centuries ago and includes areas such as the Foundation Area (Plaza Pedro del Castillo); the Government area, and Emilio Civit avenue, that leads to General San Martin park gates.

This park is one of the most relevant urban green spaces in the country due to its size and its closeness to the city of Mendoza. It actually comprises 307 cultivated hectares, 17 km and an 82-hectare area.

Inside the park, visitors may enjoy walking across the woods, along the rose garden, around the lake and sports centers, and climb Cerro de La Gloria where they will see the Liberation Army monument, a short distance from Frank Romero Day outdoor theater.



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