Trekking / Hiking

It entails walking beyond regular paths, paying more attention to the path itself than to the finish line. Mendoza is a great place for trekking due to its many mountains, ravines and valleys.
The hill area, located very close to the city is a less challenging day alternative. However, visitors may choose to cross the Andes, which may take a week or more and entails camping or staying in hostels.
Hiking is called the rise of non-vertical hills and anything technical.
Trekking is a bit wider, is making a trip outdoors, still climbing, hiking, caving, etc., activities within this. Thus the Hiking is an activity or range of Trekking.
Main locations of practice: Manzano Historico, Quebrada de Manantiales, Cacheuta, Potrerillos, Cordón del Plata, San Rafael, Malargüe.

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