Los Penitentes Ski Resort is located northwest of Mendoza on Ruta Panamericana (RN 7), at approximately 170 km North West from the City of Mendoza. It has 17 ski slopes that have been classified as: easy, intermediate, difficult and very difficult. It has a 300 hectare skiing area.

The snow at Penitentes is dry, powdery and compact. The length of the ski slopes is 60,000 m and its longest uninterrupted descent extension is 7,000 m . There are 8 lifts of these types: chair lift, tele-ski and carousel, covering 3,718 m. Nordic, alpine and competition ski can be practiced at Penitentes, snow games, sledging, snowboard and snowcat.

Adventure lovers can practice extreme ski, ski parallels, snowboard and tubing.


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