Aerosports take place in Cerro Arco (El Challao, a few kilometers from the city of Mendoza). It represents a unique setting in the country due to its climate conditions. Here you can take tandem flights, accompanied by specialized instructors, and you do not need previous experience.
Hang Gliding
Indulge yourself hang gliding, perceiving the complete freedom of flying, feeling the aromas of the landscape, touching the clouds, feeling the ascending currents, relaxed, lying, flying like birds in complete silence. Hang gliding is a natural flight gliding with two triangular wings.
With no commands, we lead the flight with our own weight.
Main locations of practice: El Challao, Penitentes y Villavicencio.
It consists of an air descent maneuvering a modern rectangular paragliding. It is easily flown, pulling some commands and shifting ones weight to the same side in order to turn. Flying paragliders means full enjoyment in the silence of nature.
Main locations of practice: Cerro El Arco – El Challao.

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