Cordón Del Plata

“Cordón del Plata” is a mountain chain in the Argentine Andes, located completely at the province of Mendoza, in the departments of Tupungato and Luján de Cuyo.

It forms part of the Frontal mountain range (parallel to Cordillera Principal or Cordillera del Límite) together with the Cordillera del Tigre, Cordillera del Portillo, Cordillera de Santa Clara, Cordillera de las Llaretas, Cordillera del Carrizalito and Cordillera de Ramada (this one is located at the province of San Juan).

Having summits of great importance (of 4000, 5000 and even 6000 meters above sea level), it is the most outstanding part of the mountain range that can be easily seen from all the Center North of the province. From it, important watercourses such as Las Mulas, El Salto, Vallecitos streams and the Blanco River have their source.

At 3000 meters above sea level, on its sides, we find the Vallecitos Ski centre, the closest ski centre to the city of Mendoza –approximately at 80 kilometers far.

Its most important peaks are the following ones: Cerro Vallecitos, Cerro Stepanek, Cáucaso (summit) San Bernardo, Pico Parra, Mausy, Franke, Santa Elena (peak), Morro Chato, Pico Benay, Salto (peak), Junción, Lomas Amarillas, Blanco (peak), Agustín Álvarez (peak), Rincón (peak), Pico Vallecitos, Negro (peak), Cerro Iluso, Cerro Adolfo Calle, Cerro Mensajero de la Paz and, finally, the tallest peaks: Pico Plata or Platita (5900 meters above sea level) and the Cerro El Plata(6050 meters above sea level).

Cordón del Plata, together with the last foothills of the Pre-mountain rage, gives place to longitudinal valleys of great height, where the condensation of humidity is favored, creating microclimates, as in the area of La Carrera (Tupungato), where the cultivation of seed potatoes is ideal.

Before arriving at Potrerillos, we will find important settlements of touristic interest such as: El Salto, El Carmelo, Las Carditas, Las Vegas, Valle del Sol, Piedras Blancas and Los Zorzales.

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