La Carrera-Caracoles

Also known as Corridor Race, this circuit starts in the district of San José (Tupungato) and culminates on National Route 7 (Luján de Cuyo).

Provincial Route No. 89, coming from Las Vegas, Potrerillos, ascends abruptly. The area is known as “caracoles” (snails) or “Cuesta de la Hollada” in order to enter into “Las Aguaditas”; here, it is where the “Reserva Quebrada del Cóndor” (the Andean Condor Ravine Reserve) starts, a unique place due to its landscapes and the horseback ridings that go through viewing points where the “Valle Alto de las Carreras” can be observed.

Also known as touristic corridor “La Carrera”, this circuit begins in the district of San José and finishes at national route 7 (Luján de Cuyo)

In order to access this area, the Provincial Route No 89, is the link between both places, and even if it is not asphalted, driving through it is not a difficult task.

It starts with a West-Northwest direction; it slowly ascends among cerrilladas (Succession of stony outcrops in a field of low height) and a few streams that flow down from Cordón del Plata, the longitude up to Las Vegas spot is of 50 kilometers approximately. Also, its history is known since 1729, year in which the land distribution took place. Among the heirs, we find Guevara, Lemos and others.

The district is famous for the potato and cereal crops treasured by the soils which, besides being an important part of the local economy, they are also another constituent of the landscape that colors the slopes and the hillsides of the cerrilladas. A real attraction is the “Quebrada del Cóndor” reserve, located at Las Aguaditas. At 3 kilometers from the route we find the Refugio (shelter) that provides lodgment and is the place where the horseback ridings start, which go around the area to make sightseeing or photographic safaris.

Trekking and mountaineering are activities that can also be practiced, in the hill buttress and in the mysterious Laguna del Plata (Del Plata lake).

Also, in the area of Santa Clara, where there is the confluence of the Tunas and Santa Clara Rivers, we find an area of a great beauty which constitutes the East boundary of Tupungato Park.

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