History of ascents

Aconcagua’s long history continues to grow, even today, there are experiences that range from archeological discoveries to deadly encounters. The provincial museums and the Cemetery of the Andinistas tell all sorts of stories.

In 1883, the German Paul Gussafeldt tried the first ascent that was followed by several other attempts resulting in much, little or no success.

In 1896, for example, an expedition led by the English scientist Edward Fitz Gerald found for a different route than the one Gussfeldt used, today this route is the most common path up.

The 8th of March 1934, Lieutenant Nicolas Plantamura became the first Argentine to reach the summit.

Since 1946, Aconcagua’s summit has been reached some twenty times by expeditions from countries all over the world .

In 1940 the first female summit took place; by Adriana Bance de Link.

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