General Alvear wine roads

Outstanding features for the development of viticulture, General Alvear soils have a long track record in the field and international positioning that categorizes wines among the undisputed excellence.

General Alvear crops form the southern region of the Wine Roads productive oasis drawing the most southern province of Mendoza, despite its location in the heart of it. Rural areas, fragrant vineyards and prestigious wineries, where the biggest attraction is the exquisite tastings, up this path of strong tradition Becket.

In every corner, in every place, from General Alvear good wine rests, awaiting the moment to captivate and make him an unparalleled moment.
Featured Varietales worldwide are grown on our land and developed to reach the most demanding markets.

Alvear is EVINSUR place, annual exhibition of the best wines of the region and the world, part of the August Alvearense, Departmental anniversary month.
Evinsur is organized by the Winemakers Centre of the Department. This event, each year, brings together the most important wine tasters and the general public interested in learning about this topic. The samples of the varietal wines from the Department are evaluated at this time.

General Alvear has a rich history that can locate vinifera as exclusive pole making varietal awarded internationally.

Museo Regional del Vino (Regional Museum of Wine) “Ingeniero Victor Cremaschi” (Bodega Faraón). It preserves some ancient pools for a continuous fermentation system and some imitations of Egyptian art related to the history of wine.

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