Malbec: World day

The celebration promoted by wines of Argentina has carried out 72 events in 45 cities of 36 countries. The entire world gathered to honour this variety of vine, which is an Argentinean emblem.
Wines of Argentina, entity responsible for the image of the Argentinean wine in the world, created and carried out the past April 17 the second edition of Malbec World Day.  In this opportunity, the key celebrations took place in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Seattle in the USA; Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver in Canada; the United Kingdom, Holland, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Malbec was originated in the south-west of France. This variety of vine was cultivated there and used to make wines called “de Cahors,” named after the region. These are well-known from the time of the Roman Empire. These wines were consolidated in the Middle Ages, and strengthened in the modern ages.
The conquest of the English market was a crucial step in the valuation of this variety of vine in England and in the world. Towards the end of the XIX Century the phylloxera plague destroyed French viticulture, reason why “Cahors” fell into obscurity, leaving, however, an already achieved culture of appreciation for Malbec.
Some time afterwards, the Argentinean Malbec was made based on those grounds.  This variety of vine arrived in our country in 1853; it was brought by the French man Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875). He was an agronomist hired by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to carry out the direction of the Quinta Agronómica de Mendoza (Agronomic Estate of Mendoza).
Following the French model, this initiative suggested the incorporation of new varieties of vine to improve the national wine industry. On April 17, 1853, the plan was introduced before the provincial legislature, with the support of the governor of Mendoza, Pedro Pascual Segura. The aim was to found a Quinta Normal and an Agriculture School. The plan was passed as a law by the House of Representatives, on September 6 of that same year.
For Wines of Argentina, April 17 represents not only a symbol of the transformation of the Argentinean viticulture, but also a starting point for the development of this variety of vine, which is a worldwide emblem of our country.

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