Potrerillos Valley

In addition to monumental dam, -opened in 2001-, Potrerillos has a rich periphery.

It surrounding areas are worth visiting too: El Salto, Valle del Sol, Vallecitos o Las Vegas. It is an ideal place for adventure sports such as rafting, trekking and horseback riding.

Dique Potrerillos (Potrerillos dam): Located at 69 kilometers from the city of Mendoza and in the Andean corridor, we find the mirror of water of Potrerillos. It has a surface of 1500 hectares, 14 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide at its maximum. The majesty of this frame, adds to the beauty of the natural landscape, the pure air, the weather and ambiance proper of the mountain.

Located at the Potrerillos village, it dames the water of Mendoza River. It was specially created with the purpose of lessening the overflows, modulating the irrigation of North oasis and generating power. Also, it contributes to the touristic exploitation of the area. We find it at a height of 1380 meters above sea level.

The reservoir, inaugurated at the end of 2001, regulates the flow volume of Mendoza River and forms a green and turquoise mirror that captures the attention and the feelings of its spectators.

Its hydropower plant produces approximately the 60 (sixty) per cent of the electricity used by the province, and even supplying other places in the country. It is also important due to the touristic possibilities that the Potrerillos dam and its majestic mirror of water have brought about, together with the heavenly landscape that harmonizes with the mountains. Club, sport equipment, services, lodgment facilities, adventure tourism and nautical sports, mainly sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, sport fishing of various species of trout and silversmelt, constitute the most significant part of the wide range of attractions offered by the valley and its surrounding spots.

The Potrerillos reservoir is located at a side of National Route 7, which links Mendoza with Chile. It’s located on Mendoza River and has as a main goal, the regulation of the flow volume of Mendoza River and a noticeable improvement in the water supply to the population of Mendoza. With this reservoir, the importance of Potrerillos as a place has increased greatly. Even if it has always been a well.



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