Manzano Histórico

In Tunuyán we can also take a tour of historic sites such as Historic Apple Tree or Renunciation Monument of General San Martin.

The greatest sceneries may be seen at Manzano Histórico (Historic Apple Tree) Natural Reserve. This 314,600-hectare reserve is protected by Extension Act No. 7722. It is located 42 km far from the City of Tunuyán, at 1,750 m.a.s.l. on average. This is the place that receivs the largest number of touristsin Valle de Uco; it owns peaceful, unimaginable landscapes that offer visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy every season.

The Renewable Natural Resources Authority is located there, and its remarkable fish farm supplies salmonids to the main steams in the region.

The Monument “Return to the Homeland” is located near at the Apple tree that witnessed General San Martin and Colonel Olazábal’s meeting when San Martin was returning after the liberation campaign through Paso del Portillo to Tunuyan’s valley.

The place offers a lot of other activities and comodities as camping, cabins, restaurantes, horse riding services, tekking, etc.

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