The word rafting has been popularized to such an extent that everyone knows it consists of the descent of a group of amateurs down a turbulent river using an inflatable raft.

Even though one may go rafting any time of the year, it is during the summer when Mendoza rivers –Mendoza, Tunuyan, Atuel, Diamante and Grande- get even better to go down their waters on pneumatic boats. This is because snow melts in December-March, thus increasing the flow of water.

Down rapids like Quebrada del 60, el Laberinto (the maze) and Come Hombres (men eater) or beginners’ circuits that are easier but equally funny, going rafting in Mendoza amidst valleys and canyons is a fascinating experience.

These rafting expeditions may take from an hour to one or more days, in which case, camping will be needed.

Mendoza also features many dams where visitors can go windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing, motor boating, sailing, scuba diving or catch and release fishing. They are found in San Rafael (southern Mendoza) or at a short distance from Mendoza city (Carrizal and Potrerillos).

Main locations of practice: Mendoza, Tunuyán, Diamante, Atuel and Grande rivers.



The navigation of rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs by canoes and kayaks, has many followers and can be practiced in still water (lakes, ponds and reservoirs), or fast (rivers), where it is used the kayak.

Main locations of practice: Atuel, Tunuyán, Diamante, Mendoza, Rivers, and Valle Grande, El Nihuil, and El Carrizal Embankmets.


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