Restaurants and Lodging

Visitor can choose from international cuisine, traditional grilled meat, pizza, fast food, sea food, food courts or traditional ‘snack bars’ where Argentine-taste sandwiches are served.
Some restaurants offer traditional dishes of the areas they are located in such as fried wrapped meat, cracklings bread, grilled goat or alcayota jam. The most ambitious ones may include: pastry-capped casserole, corn stew, chanfaina, corn paste wrapped in corn leaves, seasoned veal, tortillas cooked on embers, fried wheat pastry, maize pudding, grape syrup, among other local specialties.
In recent years, gastronomical offers have gathered mainly around central points in avenues such as Arístides Villanueva, Colón, San Martín (in Godoy Cruz), and Alameda. Besides, a few minutes from the city there are other gastronomical centres, such as Palmares Open Mall, and the picturesque Chacras de Coria area.
Many restaurants feature live entertainment. Before dining or going dancing, wine bars are a good option for visitors who wish to try Mendoza’s top wines and learn how to distinguish the qualities of each varietal. Wine bar restaurants where wine experts’ advise guests on which wine to choose are also a great alternative.
There are three, four and five stars Hotels in Mendoza, as well as hostels, apart hotels, lodges, and other alternatives for tourist accommodation, adding up to approximately 26,000 beds; 1,500 of which are concentrated in Mendoza’s four 5-star hotels.

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