Wineries open to the public

We offer a complete list of wineries open to tourism, with its main features.
Municipality Winery Size Style
Vista Flores CLOS DE LOS 7 Large Modern
Its history is closely linked to wine-maker Michel Roland who managed to gather together the French partners that now own Clos de los Siete. They are all members of well-know wine-making families.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Vista Flores LURTON Large Modern
(1996) Jacques and François Lurton, prestigious French wine-makers found here the best possible conditions to produce their own Argentine wines. Visitors may do all kinds of activities here: guided tours, tasting sessions, horseback riding, walks, or have lunch or dinner.
Municipality Winery Size Style
Gualtallary ALTUS DE GUALTALLARY Small Traditional
It is a boutique winery whose limited production allows for a strict and personalized wine quality and development control.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Los Arboles SALENTEIN Large Modern
It combines traditional Mendocinean wine-making tradition with European technology. At the foot of the Andes stands this unique cross-shaped winery. Each of its four alleys is a small winery that is divided into two sections: a ground level section and an underground one where wines are aged in oak barrels. Kilka cultural center and a lodge complete the picture.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Los Arboles ANDELUNA Large Modern
Their tourist section comprises galleries, pergolas and gardens overlooking the vineyards, Tupungato volcano and Cordon del Plata mountain range. There is also a tasting room and a wine bar, a wine shop, a tasting cellar, and a large kitchen suitable for exhibitions, lunch meals and meetings.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Los Arboles LA AZUL Small Modern
Sus vinos son elaborados con tecnología de alta calidad, buscando un equilibrio perfecto entre Roble Francés y Roble Americano. Las visitas a la bodega son personalizadas y de grupos reducidos. Constan de una degustación de tres vinos mediante una relajada charla con el guía, que lo orientará y le informará sobre la actividad de la bodega. Cuenta además con un wineshop.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Los Arboles JEAN BOUSQUETS Small Moderna
J. Bousquet, third generation of French wine-makers, fell in love with this area and opened his winery in 1997.


Municipality Winery Size Style
San José ATAMISQUE Small Modern
Presenta un diseño arquitectónico muy novedoso, sobretodo su techo de lajas típico de los Alpes franceses e italianos. Un arbolado parque de 15 hectáreas rodea la bodega, aquí se ha privilegiado el respeto a la naturaleza, por eso podremos encontrar un ejemplar de “Atamisque”, arbusto autóctono que dio origen al nombre con el que se bautizó esta finca hace un siglo atrás. En su restaurante “Rincón Atamisque” se podrán degustar distintos platos pero su especialidad son las truchas provenientes del criadero de la misma propiedad.


Municipality Winery Size Style
San José ESTANCIA D’ANCON Small Traditional
Visitors may stay at their magnificent 2,480 m2 castle.The façade shows tastefully decorated towers with bas-relief, galleries and huge oak doors. It produces varietal wines using grapes from vineyards located on a 1,500 m a.s.l. lot.


Municipality Winery Size Style
Los Cerrillos PULENTA STATE Large Modern
This winery is surrounded by vineyards and its building is austere and simple.It combines traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology. It is an environmentally-friendly winery that features a handsome underground cellar.



Municipality Winery Size Style
Campo Los Andes O. FOURNIER Large Modern
Its impressive, daring and innovative building is equipped with the latest technology.A few meters away from the winery, there is a restaurant that can sit 60 people.


Municipality Winery Size Style
E. Bustos LA CELIA Large Traditional
The building, where the original 1890 architectural style has been kept, faces their 600-hectare vineyard at the foot of the Andes. This winery played a key role in the history of this picturesque town.


Municipality Winery Size Style
La Consulta FAPES Small Traditional
It is one of the oldest wineries in the area. The way they combine tradition and new trends is worth mentioning. Its owners’ enthusiasm will invite visitors to discover the secrets of wine in a friendly atmosphere.

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