Gay Grape Harvest Festival

The Gay Harvest Festival is an event that annually attracts more tourists from around the world. This celebration is held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre City of Mendoza, Ángel Bustelo Auditorium.
Once the traditional Grape Harvest celebrations at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater finish, both the viewers from Mendoza and ocasional tourists slowly begin to retire from this beautiful natural amphitheater in order to return to their homes or hotels to comment on the magnitude of what they have just experienced.
Nevertheless, the trend to continue with the celebrations during the Grape Harvest month has gained more and more followers year after year. There have been various ideas so that the festival should never end.
This is how one of the most avant-garde and glamorous shows began. In the last few years, it has gained enough recognition to be included in the grape harvest festival agenda. We are referring to the Gay Grape Harvest Festival.
Without discriminating anybody for their sexual condition and, much on the contrary, trying to make all attendants feel at ease and comfortable, both men and women perform, dance and present an extraordinary show on stage.
Hosted by the most prestigious icons in the gay community and with excellent quick-change and avant-garde artists, both male and female, on stage, the celebrations include the election of their own Grape Harvest queen.
Respected by most members of the community in Mendoza, this real festivity is, in a way, the official closing of an entire week in which the effort of man, the weather harshness and everything related to winemaking is shown.
A festival in which all people from Mendoza want to participate in their own way.

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