Wine Oasis of Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco, also known as Central Oasis, is situated 100 km south-west of Downtown Mendoza, in the Tunuyan river basin. It is composed of the districts of Tupungato, Tunuyan, and San Carlos (height varying between 900 and 1,500 meters).

It is now the area where most wine-related investments are being made. The region’s landscape is dominated by Tupungato volcano, and is characterized as being the coldest and highest area in Mendoza, the ideal conditions for growing high quality varieties, a trend among Argentine wine-makers. This area also boasts Mendoza’s highest production of apples, pears, nuts, and cherries.

With an ideal climate, in an average height of 1000 and 1200 meters above sea level, with stony and sandy soils with excellent drainages, all this make Valle de Uco a privileged and unique place for vine cultivation, mainly the varieties Semillon and Malbec, reaching results of unbeatable quality conditions for the production of qualified wines at world level.

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